Celebrity makeup artist Nicole Bryl has revealed what it’s really like to work with future first lady Melania Trump.

The talented makeup artist first met Trump over 11 years ago on the set of a People magazine cover shoot and is now her makeup go to person.

She’s revealed some of the most surprising things about working with the future first lady.  

Don’t Talk Politics! 

Their conversations range from discussing Barron’s schooling to fashion and skincare, but politics are a no, no. 

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Despite reports, Bryl said Trump’s not fussed about news a load of designers, who once fought to dress her, are now boycotting the future first lady.


Skin Care
Bryl revealed the most important part of Trump’s makeup routine is her skin. She aims to achieve a ‘flawless’ glow. 

Stay Calm
The makeup artist revealed she never feels nervous doing Trump’s makeup and now she’s set to take over the title of first lady, it will just be “icing on the cake.” 


Bryl takes her job very seriously. She’s been known to keep on top of all the photos and commentary that gets printer about Trump’s fashion and beauty. She even takes note of different lighting at events, so she can make sue she’s looking amazing! 



MY to family to love them to make them #melaniatrump #wife #workingwomen

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There’s a lot more than you think that goes into organising Trump’s look. Her creative team plans her outfits a week ahead, and once it’s collectively decided, Bryl will look after the rest. 


The biggest change has been the thorougher security checks the makeup artist’s had had to go through in order to work in Trump’s house and travel with her. 


Bryl said she will continue to develop the brunette beauty’s look over time and she hopes her look will become iconic. 

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