Breakups absolutely suck. 

It’s easy to fall in to a heap and give up on moving forward. 

However fear not! We have put together the ultimate tips for handling a break up so as long as you read this every night, you’ll be fine! 

1. Write it all down 

Write everything down and get it all out of you. How the break up went, how you’re feeling, what you loved about him/her, the reasons you broke up etc. 

2. Cry! 

This is the best thing you can do, it’s all part of the process! Cry about the good times and the bad. Just accept your emotions and relax. Don’t feel the need to call a friend every time you burst into tears either, keep it a bit personal. 


3. Take long walks

Let the silence of nature allow you to have the thoughts you need to have. 

4. Go out for drinks 

Catch up with your friends properly and be distracted by their gossip/life events. 

5. Take a trip 

Even if it’s only a road trip down the coast, removing yourself from the situation and giving yourself a fresh scenery is very beneficial. 


6. Take up a hobby 

Whether its a new one or an old one, distractions (the good kind!) are awesome and hobbies are also often a great way to meet new people! 

7. Hit the gym! 

Focus on yourself and your health. It can only make you feel good! 

8. Love yourself 

Make YOU priority number one and see how things work out. Massages, family time, cooking, friends, walks.. give yourself every reason to be happy and before you know it, you will be! 


Source: EliteDaily

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