It has so often been an uncomfortable or even taboo topic among women and couples. 

But as more and more people open up about their experiences, we have learned that it is much more common than we ever imagined. 

And it is also nothing to be ashamed or uneasy about. 

Former 7th Heaven actress Beverley Mitchell has penned and important blog post on the subject after recently finding out she miscarried twins. 

A few months back Michael and I were thrilled, we had just found out we were pregnant, and though we were surprised, we were excited,” her post reads.  

“It didn’t take long before we began to prepare for a life filled with more little people in it. And much to our surprise, we came to find out it was twins! After our shock, came acceptance and excitement.


“A few weeks later, our new dream of our growing family came crashing down; we had a miscarriage. This was a shock.

“Honestly, my first instinct was to say I was fine, and to be honest; I was trying to be. I thought I had to be, for my family, for myself. I had to jump on a plane and go to work being surrounded by babies and kids while I was still miscarrying.”

She continues to discuss the emotional rollercoaster of confusion, hurt, anger and acceptance that she experienced alongside her husband, Michael. 

But it was only when opening up to those around her that she learned that she was not alone – in fact many people had also had similar experiences. 

It wasn’t until I started sharing our loss that I found out many people I knew shared the same scars.  I was now part of a group, the unspoken and hidden group who mourn their losses in the shadows,” she continued. 


“Every time I shared what we were going through I made people uncomfortable, no one ever knows what to say, and to be honest, there is nothing to say… It is with sharing it that the healing begins, the acceptance that it happened, it is when you ignore it or pretend that it never happened that you cause more pain. Dismissing it almost makes it worse.

So today, I share my scars because the one thing I want to say, is no one should suffer in silence.  To speak up and share your wounds, to allow them the opportunity to heal.  Let’s remove the stigma, miscarriages happen, they are nothing to be ashamed of.”

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