If you’re a people pleaser, odds are you act a lot like Toni Collette’s character in the movie, In Her Shoes.

You know, the responsible one that never lets down her hair and never has any fun because she’s too busy making sure everyone else is having a good time.

No-one wants to be her. You should be putting yourself first every now and then! Not sure if it’s you? If you are a people pleasure, you’ll definitely identify with the below…

#1: The peer pressure can be TOO MUCH

You don’t want to let anyone down, or make anyone even the least bit disappointed, so you’re often caught doing things and going places that you normally wouldn’t.

#2: You believe you can be anyone’s friend


They just have to get to know you! You can effectively adapt your personality to suit anyone’s likes!

#3: You don’t want to let ANYONE down, which means you often let someone down

Trying to focus so much time and attention on so many people means that you ultimately focusing no time on someone else. Balance it out!

#4: You feel guilty over things you shouldn’t feel guilty about

“I can’t help your sister’s uncle’s cousin move house, I am SO sorry.” Pangs of guilt felt for a week afterards and you send her a bottle of wine to make up for it.


#5: You always laugh at terrible jokes

You’re not funny but I care about your feelings so much that I want you to think you are!

#6: You just cannot walk someone trying to hand you something on the street

But they have a job to do and probably a FAMILY to support!

#7: You second guess everything you say


“OMG, she probably thought I was being bitchy when I said that. I have to buy her a drink.”

Source: Bustle

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