Just recently, Jackie told a story on air about her friend who suffered a nasty accident. The friend, who is pregnant, noticed she had a little (okay, a LOT) more hair ‘down there’. She asked Jackie is that was normal and when Jackie said no, she decided to trim it – but, during the haircut, she accidentally cut her vagina! Blood everywhere! With that, we thought we asked listeners to call up and share their worst ever sore vagina stories!

Check them out…

Nicole’s story: “I was heavily pregnant, 40 weeks, and I thought I’d fix it up ‘down there’ and I accidentally cut the worst bit you would probably cut. It was a bit of a slip of the hand!”

Jo’s story: “I was cooking myself and my boyfriend a really romantic chili linguine with prawns, and I just popped to the bathroom and completely forgot I had chili on my hands. After that he decided to call me ‘chili vagina.”

Jackie’s story: “I went to a salon to have a Brazilian done, and the therapist was a little bit generous in the layering of the hot wax, so when she tore it off, she tore off a little bit more than she should have. Skin.”

Emily’s story: “I had had a Brazilian the day before our wedding and on our wedding night, all romantic and wonderful, lying there completely naked, my new husband decided that he’d pour French champagne all over my vajayjay. So I started screaming, he didn’t realise that alcohol on freshly waxed skin was going to hurt so much!”

Michelle’s story: “I was using one of those Emjoi Gently’s, and I decided to go in a bit too close in the pathway and I snagged onto my inner lip and there isn’t a reverse button – and I had to RIP it off. The epilator off my vajayjay!”


Rebecca’s story: “Don’t ever get Deep Heat anywhere near your vagina! I’d asked my partner to massage Deep Heat over my legs after the gym and a little bit slipped in there, it was the worst!”

Jackie O’s other ‘friend’s’story: “My friend had a piercing down there, in the ‘good bit’, and she was at a BBQ, and as she was sitting down the stud got caught in the chair and as she stood up, it was disastrous!”

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