The boys have apparently been talking about doing this for a long time now but FINALLY 5SOS have sat down in front of the microphones to record not a song, but their very own podcast!

While Kyle and Jackie O are away, 5SOS took over the airwaves and launched their talk-show careers over the KIIS1065 airwaves.

And boy did they reveal some GOOD stuff!

While chatting about all of the important things that their fans want to know, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood were discussing some of their favourite TV shows.

During this chat we learnt that the boys know absolutely SQUAT about Game of Thrones, but we forgive them because hello, they’re 5SOS and provide us with some incredible tunes.

We also learnt that Calum doesn’t have that much time to watch TV…what’s that all about? Tv viewing is one of our number one priorities! (Sad but true)

But there was also some chat about watching the occasional reality show, and as it turns out, the boys said that they wouldn’t mind staring up one of their own!


*Cue screams from all of their fan-girls (including us…)*

Although as for what the reality show would be about, well we think their ideas may need a few tweaks.

“Meet the Irwins,” Ashton began spitballing ideas. “We explore our family tree back three generations.”

TBH though whatever the reality show would be about, as long as it involved 5SOS we’d DEFINITELY be a viewer.

Listen to the full 5SOS podcast below for more!