This is why pyrotechnics always have me on edge during live stage performances. 

While they are a great visual display, things can always go wrong… 

Fans captured the moment Michael Clifford from Australian Bad 5 Seconds of Summer briefly caught on fire from the on stage pyrotechnics in London. 

After a break in the show, one of the band members emerged to tell the upset audience that they were unable to continue with the show due to the extent of his injuries. 


Thankfully Mikey has both sent a tweet and instagram update to his fans saying he is alright after the accident. 

The pic does however show him covered in bandages across half of his face. 

His fans have rallied behind him despite cutting the show short, with #GetWellSoonMikey  / #GetWellSoonMichael hashtags going viral overnight. 

Hopefully it is a quick recovery! 

Hello world. im doing ok 🙂 thanks for worrying!

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