Kyle & Jackie O are home to the world’s biggest stars – even when they’re on holidays!

While Kyle and Jackie O are away, the boys from hit Aussie band Five Seconds Of Summer (or 5SOS as they’ve come to be known) decided to stop by and take over the KIIS1065 airwaves with their very own podcast!

The band’s drummer Ashton Irwin and bass guitarist Calum Hood took their seats behind the studio microphones for this takeover to talk about all the important stuff that their fans are dying to know.

Ashton and Calum chat about the TV shows that they’re binging at the moment, their different taste’s in fashion and even answered some fan questions!

Oh and don’t worry 5SOS fans! The other two members, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford also gatecrash about halfway through!

Listen to the 5SOS podcast takeover below! (Who else thinks this should be a weekly episode thing? Ummm… ME!)