There’s no doubt that Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer have had some mega hits recently and by the sounds of things there’s plenty more where that came from!

While we’re by no means whatsoever getting sick of listening to their latest tune Easier, the boys have confirmed that they’re almost done working on their next album with plenty of fresh songs coming this year!

Ashton and Calum spoke about their latest work while chatting with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

“Does this mean that there’s an album in the works now?” Jackie asked Ash and Cal after speaking about the success of Easier.

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“We definitely do, we’re making, we’ve pretty much made the album already,” Ashton revealed.


And it turns out we won’t have to wait long for it at all!

“We have so many songs to release this year and then hopefully the album will come end of year or early next year.”

While you might think that sounds like FOREVER away (like Kyle seemed to) it’s actually going to come around sooner than you’d think seeing as we’re already in July! And oooh boy we can’t wait!

By the sounds of things the new songs and entire album will continue down this recent gothic theme that the 5SOS boys have ventured into with their recent music, especially in their Easier music video.

“It definitely has a gothic side to that video and that’s kind of us creatively at the moment,” Ashton told us.

No word yet on what the Album will be called or exactly how many songs we can expect but we can safely say that it’s going to be GOOD!


During our chat with Ashton and Calum we also spoke about their recent collaboration with The Chainsmokers for Who Do You Love.

Hear more about this in our full 5SOS podcast below!

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