The super talented Iggy Azalea has joined forces with everyone from Rita Ora to Charli XCX, Ariana Grande to JLo to create some of the hottest songs of right now – could Britney Spears be next? Here’s 5 reasons why.

1. Iggy Dropped The Hint
Iggy Azalea dropped hints of a new song with a mystery “blonde” collaborator earlier this week via Instagram. “I recorded a duo after the show for another blondie and I can’t wait till you hear it, now time for bed,” she posted after performing in London.

2. It’s Britney, B**ch!

Whilst the pale-haired pair are yet to officially confirm a songwriting partnership, Britney has announced she wants to work with the Australian-born rapper and also Katy Perry on her next album. She’s posted in-studio pics, so it’s definitely underway!

3. Britney & Iggy Azalea Were Both In Vegas This Weekend
Considering Britney Spears is now reportedly based at the Planet Hollywood Penthouse in Vegas over her two year residency, and Iggy Azalea performed there at the iHeartRadio music festival over the weekend.

4. Iggy’s A Proven Chart Star, & Britney Needs That
Yes, Britney isn’t the only “blonde” option – but she makes the most sense. Another contender for Iggy’s potential new song buddy, Miley Cyrus said it could take “five years” for her next album. Britney, however, is no doubt keen to climb back to the top of the charts – and who better to do it with her than the girl who beat The Beatles’ #1 record? Britney’s team know what’s what.

5. They Have A Schoolgirl Connection
Britney Spears burst onto the world stage gyrating through a high school wearing one of modern pop’s most memorable school uniforms. Years later, Iggy won hearts wearing her Clueless tartan skirt. They’ve got a “bond,” dammit.

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