This kid, is all of us.

One of the best things about toddlers (or the worst, depending on how you look at things) is that they simply can’t fight or hide their emotions. You can see it all on their cute little faces. If they want to cry, they’ll cry. If they want to scream, they’ll scream. There’s no holding back, folks. 

Three-year-old chess prodigy Mikhail Osipov, is living proof of just that!

Little Mikhail appeared on Russian TV this week to play against chess world champion Anatoly Karpov

Watch the video above to see what happens when poor little overwhelmed Mikhail realises that he’s lost the game (skip to about ten minutes in for the best part).


Considering Anatoly is 65, we think little 3-year-old Mikhail did brilliantly. 

Too cute. Bless this little dude! 

Source: Reddit

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