Accidentally hitting ‘reply-all’ and sending your very personal email to the entire office staff. It’s one of the biggest modern day fears going around. A downright FML moment.

In case you missed it, a Liberal MP staffer accidentally emailed a meme about Barnaby Joyce and Tony Abbot to the entire office. Will & Woody discussed this critical error on air, and took some calls from listeners who had horror stories of their own. Check them out below:

1. The Pregnancy Announcement
When an email went out to all staff announcing a lady was pregnant, and a young man replied “I thought she was just getting fat”. Yikes.

2. Insulting the boss
When a reply went out calling the boss a dick. The repercussions? “You’re fired”.

3. Spelling error
When the word Virginia got autocorrected to a part of the female anatomy. Always use the spellcheck folks!

If you missed the show, check out the podcast.


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