“Vanity Fair” recently asked a bunch of celebrities to describe Donald Trump’s hair colour.

No these aren’t the hottest new colour names from Crayola. These are some of the more inventive answers the stars of the Toronto Film Festival gave when struggling to pin down the colour of Donald Trump’s famously eccentric hair

Here are some highlights:


1.  Ellen Page:  “Corn”

2.  Bryan Cranston:  “Cornstalk yellow . . . [or] something breezy and whispery.”

3.  Idris Elba:  “Cornflake yellow”


4.  Sarah Silverman:  “Tuscan surprise”

5.  Elle Fanning:  “Buttery silver brass”

6.  Helen Mirren:  “It’s an aperitif in Italy, and it’s called Aperol.  You should get a picture and put it alongside Donald Trump and see if there’s any similarities.”

7.  Topher Grace:  “Perfection”

8.  Julianne Moore:  “Golden egg”

9.   Patrick Stewart:  “Dirty gold”


10.  Jessica Chastain:  “Magic”

11.  Sandra Bullock:  “Sandy beach”

12.  Kristen Stewart:  “Some diffused, unsavory salmon . . . just like, ‘don’t eat that salmon, man.'”

13.  Kate Winslet:  “Spun amber”

14.  Salma Hayek:  “Gray . . . struggling to hide it?”

15.  Tom Hiddleston:  “A CGI sunset.”


16.  Michael Pena:  “Mars dirt.”

17.  Evan Rachel Wood:  “Sick dog poo”

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