The Masked Singer took the country by storm last year in a weird psychedelic trip that none of us thought we wanted but surprise…we REALLY REALLY WANTED IT.

Who would’ve thought that the formula for perfect television was some strange combination of GIANT puppet, local celebrities, a live audience yelling ‘TAKE.IT.OFF’, our very own Jackie O and of course hosted by Osher Ginsberg. 

Well… now that I write it like that, obviously it was going to be a success.

Last night The Masked Singer Instagram account dropped a trailer for the upcoming season and revealed that there would be 12 new masks accompanying the 12 new celebrities!

The Dragonfly

The Hammerhead

The Kitten


The Wizard

The Frillneck

The Sloth

The Cactus

The Goldfish

The BushRanger


The Queen

The Puppet

The Echidna

We have yet to see what they look like but if last season was anything to go by, the craftsmanship is going to be incredible!

Also can I just add that between The Sloth, The Cactus & The Goldfish I already can’t pick a favourite but I smell a comedian amongst us….

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