Once you enter a relationship, there’s a stage in the beginning where the thought of peeing in front of your partner is enough to make you squirm. You would NEVER do that, RIGHT?


No matter how insistent you are that you and your special someone won’t get to ‘that place’, the place where you pee (and for some people, poop) with the door open and let down your guard, inviting in a whole lot of gross behaviour that you eventually begin to think of as acceptable. You do!

Even seriously gooey celebrity couples like Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger would be guilty. Just look at how in love with their own love they are!

So, how many have you been guilty of?

#1: Popping each other’s pimples

#2: Going to the bathroom with the door open


#3: Picking something out of their teeth

#4: Wiping things on the other person’s sleeve or t-shirt

#5: Helping to clip each other’s toenails

#6: Sharing a toothbrush

#7: Sniffing each other’s armpits. What? Sometimes it’s hard to catch your own scent.

#8: Caring for them when they have the stomach flu. This is very sweet, but can also be really gross.


#9: Checking for earwax

#10: Picking a bat in the cave for the other

#11: Sharing chewing gum

#12: Tweezing our hairs on the other one’s face

What’s your score?

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