If curiosity really killed the cat, it sounds like you guys would be dead a long time ago; from favourite sex positions to trying to join in, there’s a stack of stuff the lesbian community would love for you to stop asking about.

So we tapped the experts – including a sex toy shop owner – for the stuff they’re going to say once – and once only.

1. It’s pretty common for lesbian couples who live together have their periods sync – which is good, because otherwise, that can be two weeks a month where sex is a no-go.

2. Oh, and lesbians save A LOT of money on contraception.

3. Sorry to break it to you, but “scissoring”? Not really a thing. Doesn’t mean we haven’t tried it, though…

4. And on that note, lesbian sex doesn’t always look like porn scenes – and we don’t always look like the girls in porn scenes.

5. The most common toys we use are strap-ons and vibrators, and most girls tend to opt for “unrealistic” toys, i.e. ones that don’t look like a d*ck.


6. There are designated lesbian dating apps.

7. It’s nearly impossible to be best friends with someone you’ve hooked up with before – which can making dating tricky.

8. The lesbian scene tends to be pretty tight; chances are the girl you’re dating now has, at some stage, dated someone else you know.

9. Experimenting with a girl does not make you bi or lesbian.

10. One last thing. Guys? No you can’t watch, and no, we don’t need a d*ck.

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