For those of us who have been badly burned by a relationship, or are simply happily single and ready to mingle, there are many reasons why you should be smiling.

Being with someone has its perks, don’t get me wrong – but as we’ve discovered flying solo can have just as many benefits. Especially if your ex was more ‘douche’ than ‘dashing’.

Check out 10 reasons you’re better off without your ex…

#1: You have the WHOLE bed to yourself – no more pretending you sleep neatly on one side like an angel. Spread OUT!

#2: You can see Dirty Dancing at the Moonlight Cinema instead of having to sit through an excruciating screening of The Expendables 3.

#3: You can stock your fridge with Smirnoff Ready To Drinks or Bondi Rd Wine Spritzers – and toss out the beer!

#4: Say it with me, ‘DOUBLE CUPBOARD SPACE’ – and double wardrobe space, for that matter.


#5: You can now freely wear all of the maxi dresses/playsuits/long skirts he hated so much.

#6: Your Saturday night can consist of settling in for a session of binge watching Revenge, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Sex and the City – or all of the above.

#7: You can be on your phone all night; stalking pretty girls and putting clothes in your trolley with next to no intention of ever buying them without feeling guilty.

#8: You no longer have to show face at get togethers with his douchebag friends. Hallelujah!

#9: No more sitting through HOURS of the summer cricket – or the NRL come winter. YES!

#10: (now this is a corker!) You can now take AS LONG AS YOU WANT to get ready without being hassled!!!

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