Kyle & Jackie O are back with Sydney’s hottest game!

Name The Noise, win $100,000! It’s that easy.

Your chance to name the noise every morning at 8am with Kyle & Jackie O, plus we’re giving you chances to name it all day while you work as well!

Keep KIIS loud and call 13 1065 for your shot at the life changing cash.

Ask everyone for help! What is The Noise?

MatsterChef is back! And its fast becoming everyone’s favourite season!
MasterChef Fans and Favourites on 10.

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Running fingers across hair brush Unlocking an old school briefcase
Flicking through a desk of cards Cracking knuckles
Opening a briefcase with latch Scrolling a computer mouse
Tapping fingers across a desk Twisting bubble wrap
iPod scrolling through list Pulling a suitcase across the non-slip strips at the airport
Taking off a Tupperware lid Pushing down on a stapler and putting the pages together
Opening a briefcase Cracking a back
Flexing a plastic straw Putting coffee pod in machine and closing it
Pop it toy Adjusting the size of a cap/clicking it in
Unlocking an iPhone Flicking a ruler on a desk
Spring door stop Opening cardboard seal on tissue box
KIIS 1065 Sydney