Your favourite game will kick start it all.

Thanks to MyPayNow, 100 safety deposit boxes are locked and sealed with a KIIS. The contents inside are worth over $200,000!

All you have to do is listen to us, pick a box between 1-100 and we’ll open it for your daily pay day.

Will it be MEGA cash? Is it a car? It could be a superyacht for you and your friends, a Vespa, or even a luxurious $10,000 diamond. Maybe it’s all of it and more!

The only catch, if you select a box that has already been revealed, you walk away with nothing.

Click play below to hear your BIG ADVANTAGE to win BIG in our Daily Pay Day!

Download the payday tracker to your phone or print it –  for extra help for you and your friends.
Don’t let someone else get the big ones before you.

Tell us where you work and we’ll give you a shout out on-air while you play along!


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It pays to listen to KIIS 1065. Play and win at 8am with Kyle & Jackie O and right across the day. 

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