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Rotimi joins Will & Woody For A Brutal Game Of Electro-Shock

When there's a zapping on the line, things get ridiculous quickly! 

For those who don't know Rotimi, he's been stealing the show as "Dre" on Stan's hit crime drama Power, set in the big apple - New York City.

It's Woody's absolute favourite show, so when we landed an interview with Rotimi, he could hardly contain his excitement. In fact, he's studied Rotimi's character 'Dre' so closely that he truly believes he can perfectly impersonate him. 

So we thought we'd put it to the test. And why not add a bit of jeopardy to make it interesting for those following at home. The idea was to strap both Will & Woody up to an electro-zapper. Will was to wear a blindfold, and either Woody or Rotimi would recite a line from the show. If Will could correctly guess who said the line, Woody would be zapped. But if he was incorrect, he would cop a zapping. So either way, we knew were going to see some sparks fly. 

WATCH to see what happened! 

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