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Joel Madden Opens Up About His Battle With ADD

One thing you may not know about Joel Madden is that he suffers from ADD, his condition means that he struggles to sit still for long period of time, hence the incessant photo-bombing of Sonia on The Voice the other night.

Recently he caught up with Richie to discuss the condition and how he manages to control it…

Richie asked the guys how The Voice reacted to their constant hand movements behind Sonia during The Voice the other night.

“The voice is pretty easy on us here, they’ve always been like a loving parent that’s like ‘okay, back in line’, and they laugh and they’re like ‘okay, cut it out,” Benji said.

“I think everyone knows that I have ADD and I have a really hard time sitting still, I’ve gotten a little better, I think i’ve learned to control it over the years,” said Joel.

“No medication; exercise and meditation has helped with my ADD. But yeah, so sometimes when i’m sitting there, after about 30 seconds it gets unbearable, so I have to do something.”


“It’s like when i’m in a photo, every time i’m in a photo I have to do something with my hands. I get so overwhelmed with the idea that my hands are just down by my side. A little, weird thing about ADD.”

The conversation then turned to the fact that The Veronicas would be taking the boys’ place as coaches this week.

“I think they’re going to do great, they’re great girls and we’re huge fans, so we think they’re going to do great.”

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