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Emad Younan Opens Up About Fulfilling His Brother’s Dream

For anyone watching The Voice this season, you’ll know of artist Emad Younan from Team Ronan.

Not your average artist, Emad also juggles a law degree while pushing himself musically.

If you’ve watched him perform any of his songs, you’ll know he’s incredibly talented. However the one part of Emad’s life you may not know a lot about is why he joined The Voice and the heartbreaking reason he’s putting his life as a lawyer aside to fight for the chance to win the ultimate prize on The Voice.

His brother, Jesse Younan was a singer/songwriter on the cusp of making it big when he was diagnosed with leukaemia as he was finishing his last album.

Tragically, he passed away shortly after that. Since then, Emad says his focus musically has been to perform his brother’s songs.

“I want to give it a good shove with my brother’s music and get it out there."

Richie sat down with Emad to talk about his late brother, and the driving force behind his new dream…

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