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You Won't BELIEVE What These Girls Do On Their Period

It took a trip to India - and a three-day yoga retreat - for The Thinkergirls' Stacey June to realise that she had a period ritual - and she LOVED it.

Speaking on Wednesday night's show, Stacey revealed that her yoga instructor had explained that, when it came time to her period, she would stay in bed, work from home and sleep a lot.

"It's because your body is saying I need to shut down and start again," Stacey said. "And then you get to start a whole month again, and that's when you get your energy back."

"And then I thought, I'm a bit like this too. If I'm feeling a bit extra sluggish, I'll make sure I somehow have an earlier night, and that's normally the first night of my period. And I'm always eating pasta, in that week."

Turns out Kristie has her own little ritual too.

"I eat toast; I don’t usually," she added. "I’ll have lots and lots, and crave it. Period time equals toast time!"

So we decided to throw it out to you guys, and boy do you know how to party.



"If I have work, I don't go. So far the boss hasn't caught on. That's what the sickies are for! Oh, and I like to eat microwave salami."


"I just want to to get really drunk. A huge bottle of wine, easy peasy!" 


"Blueberries and Bowie! Through my period, that's pretty much all I eat. I only eat blueberries when I have my period, and then it's Bowie movies or Bowie music."

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