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Asking This Question Will Tell You If you're Ready For Love

You've chosen your values, now what?

In this final instalment of the eHarmony series, Stacey and Kristie talk to Jonathan Beber, the Senior Research Scientist from eHarmony.

Jonathan explained the next step for you after you've chosen your values... grab your bestie and get their opinion.

Who else knows you better than your "other (friend) half"?

Ask them - Do you think my chosen values represent me accurately?

Tell them your values (be honest!) and see what they say. Do they agree that you're loyal? Accountable? Happy? 

Remember, you will only find your compatibility, once you find your values!

Even thought this is our last video, there is still time for you to enter to win tix to our epic party THIS Saturday!

For more information, and for your chance to win tickets click here.

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