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Do We Really Know The People We Are Sleeping With?

It's a familiar story. A holiday romance. But Stacey from The Thinkergirls got us, well, thinking tonight when she asked: how well do we really know those lovers we meet on holidays?  

During her holiday to NYC, Stacey said she was getting pretty handsy with a man she'd met on the streets.

WATCH: Stacey Hooked Up With A (Maybe) Criminal On Holidays

"We were getting hot and heavy in the stairwell... He kind of walks out and I say goodnight and he says let's catch up tomorrow

"The next morning I woke up to a What's App message from my AirBnB host. He says to me, 'Good morning Stacey, I've had some complaints someone has had sex in the hallway..."

Stacey was aghast! 

"I didn't have sex in the hallway, I just had some serious macking out.”

But it doesn’t end there. Apparently the mailbox area was vandalised and other people’s mail went missing.

"I didn't have sex in the hallway, and I also don't know if the guy was a thief.”

Stacey said it made her think: how well do we know the randoms’ we pick up? How much should we trust them?

Kristie reckons there were a couple of red flags - namely that he wouldn't let her go to his house!

Have you ever had a sexy experience that turned criminal?

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