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Did You MISS This Major Wardrobe Debacle On ‘The Voice’?!

In what can only be described as #outfitgate, pop sensation Katy Perry found herself a part of a “scandalous” and downright outrageous dress debacle. Sort of.

ICYMI – Katy wore a frock at the Voice finale that had been previously worn by host Sonia Kruger, a week prior. 

While you may not see the crazy side to this, Twitter and Instagram was set alight with #FrockOff and #GetFrocked hashtags, with people calling out the comparisons.

The lucky designer whose dress was showcased twice, was none other than Aussie designer and TV personality Alex Perry.

Yesterday, on their fill in drive spot for Hughesy and Kate, the Thinkergirls were called by the legend himself to settle the story once and for all.

Even though the girls are now convinced that Mr Perry is as “greedy as the cookie monster”, we now have the truth.

Finally, we can all have a peaceful sleep.

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