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7 Positions You're Not Doing Enough

Via Bustle

Stace found an article that is so useful for EVERY chick to know. Some of these are positions we haven't heard of, and some are just standard with a little re-thinking..

The Butterfly

Imagine a butterfly's wings. You're laying down and the guy is standing up. Stace thinks it should be called a 'T'

The Three Legged Dog

This one's nothing like your regular doggy style, you're both standing up and one of you is holding up the other's leg.

From Behind

This one's a bit standard, everyone's doing it! try to remember that you both have hands you can use, so it's a great position to try ANYTHING.

Face to Face

Not just general missionary, but standing up and making a point of REALLY looking into each others eyes.

Modified Doggy

You're both laying down completely in this one. You can lay face down bracing with your arms, or start in doggy and then lower yourself.

Reverse Cowgirl

You're facing their feet and putting your hands on their ankles. it's a tricky position, so you want to make sure you're both feeling comfortable before you start bumping and grinding too much.

The Lotus

Make sure they're comfortable cross-legged, then slowly climb on top and lower down onto them, gently wrapping your arms and legs around them.

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