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Sophie Monk

Kyle & Jackie O - In the Morning

Favourite account to follow on Instagram? Ex-Boyfriends

After KIIS, the first website you visit each day is: Daily Mail

What’s the first app you check on your phone each morning? Instagram

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is? Girls

What’s really your favourite TV show? Girls!

Who would play you in the daytime movie of your life? Kerri-Anne Kennerley

What’s the first concert you ever went to? Michael Jackson

Are you a cat or dog person? Dog!


Coffee spot: Ham, Cronulla

Bar: Anywhere with alcohol

Beach: Anywhere with good lighting… or Mexico

Holiday destination: Mexico!

Restaurant: Anywhere with alcohol

Weekend getaway: Kim’s Getaway I’ve been dying to get to

Way to work out: Take the stairs instead of the elevator lately