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Intern Pete

Kyle & Jackie O - In the Morning

Your most unexpected Twitter follower? Danny Zucker (Executive Producer from Modern Family)

Favourite account to follow on Instagram? Jackie O

What was your first tweet? So what’s all this Twitter about then?

After KIIS, the first website you visit each day is: Radio today, to see if I have made a headline

All-time favourite YouTube video? Peter Deppeler making Fairy Bread

If you made my own social network, what would you call it? InternPeteSpace

What’s the first app you check on your phone each morning? Facebook

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is? 24 (I think I am Jack Bauer)

What’s really your favourite TV show? 24 Because I am Jack Bauer

Who would play you in the daytime movie of your life? Robert Pattinson (We are very similar in looks) if he’s not available it would be Ryan Kwanten

What’s the first concert you ever went to? Silverchair – Neon Ballroom

Are you a cat or dog person? A bit of both


Coffee spot: The Hub House Dulwhich Hill

Bar: Lowenbrau

Market: Organic Markets Leichardt

Brunch spot: The Hub House Dulwhich Hill

Music venue: The Horden

Beach: I’m banned from the nude beach in Sydney so I will just say that Summer Bay one

Restaurant: The Hub House Dulwhich Hill (If I mention it again they might give me a coffee)

Weekend getaway: Central Coast

Way to work out: Just walking up to get a coffee from the KJ Café up stairs