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Your most unexpected Twitter follower? Don’t have an account. But if I did I’d want to be followed by God.

Favourite account to follow on Instagram? I don’t understand Instagram. Lots of people taking photos of food. PASS.

What was your first tweet? It was actually the score of a Rugby League game on another radio station’s account. Awkward.

After KIIS, the first website you visit each day is: What Would Tyler Durden Do (NSFW)

Who are your best friends on SnapChat? Don’t have it… somewhere along the way I clearly got OLD!

If you made your own social network, what would you call it? it’d be called “let’s just catch up in person” and it’d strip all the pretence out. I doubt it’d do very well!

What’s the first app you check on your phone each morning? TripView. Don’t want to miss the train!

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is? Game Of Thrones. Maybe Girls if I’m trying to pick up (but seriously….Girls….ugh)

What’s really your favourite TV show? Game Of Thrones! Valar Morghulis (nerd shout out right there)

Who would play you in the daytime movie of your life? Michael Fassbender if I’m being optimistic. Paul Giamati if I’m being realistic.

What’s the first concert you ever went to? Super Jesus, supported by Eskimo Joe

Are you a cat or dog person? Oohh no. No pets! Maybe a fish as I classify them as prisoners and I’m their warden. Plus you don’t have to walk the bowl.


Coffee spot: Three Black Sheep at central station, because their sign inexplicably put a sheep where the H in sheep should be, and the sign sort of looks like…Three Blacks. EEP!

Bar: Baxter’s Inn for Whiskey and the speakeasy feel. Blue Horizon for an Old Fashioned and a view. The Lord Nelson Hotel for the best beers in Sydney.

Market: Flemington Fruit Markets

Brunch spot: McDonalds?

Music venue: Annandale used to be amazing. Sigh

Beach: I’m a ginger. The sun is the enemy. If you’re adding sand AND a place I’m expected to be shirtless…you may as well mark it a nuclear waste zone.

Holiday destination: I flew to Germany once to watch a game of Football….that was fun!

Restaurant: Squire’s Loft in Melbourne. Great steaks and great name.

Weekend getaway: The Man Cave.

Way to work out: Hand to mouth, one beer at a time.