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You Won’t BELIEVE Where Gary Beadle’s Baby Was CONCEIVED!

This morning Gary Beadle was on the show ahead of the Hell’s Kitchen finale.

He opened up about his big news, that he’s going to be a father - in a round 4 and a half months.

Jackie took the opportunity to dig a little deeper…

‘We were working out looking at the timeline, and we thought maybe the baby was conceived while you were doing Hell’s Kitchen here…?’

‘To be fair,’ he started.

‘The baby actually was made in Sydney!’ he revealed.


‘It’s an Aussie baby!’


Jackie, not able to help herself, then dug a little deeper.

‘So do you know the sex of the baby?’


‘You haven’t said anything?


‘Okay right… keeping that one quiet!’

Then, he slipped up.

‘I just hope it’s not a girl!’

‘Well I’m assuming it’s not if you’ve said that!’ she exclaimed.

He didn’t correct her…

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