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World’s Oldest Tinder User Is 82-YO And Bisexual

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke to a lady called D’yan Forest. D’yan is 82-years-old and from New York city, and she prides herself on being the world’s oldest Tinder user.

What’s unique about D’yan, other than the obvious, is that she doesn’t really have a preference between guys and girls.


She says that while many of her friends have given up on sex, she’ll never stop craving intimacy.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie, D’yan revealed that of the people she’d connected with during her time on Tinder, three matches had been successful, as in, they had resulted in sex.

D’yan also revealed that she doesn’t really have a preference between guys and girls, but revealed ‘the girls don’t answer it [Tinder] much.’

She also revealed that while some people get upset and leave once they find out D’yan’s age (she has lied in the past to make the meeting happen), but she hasn’t let that deter her.

D’yan also revealed that “Europeans are better”, when it comes to being intimate and open to the age difference.

“They’ll do things that American men won’t do, right?” Kyle asked.

“Exactly. I spent some time in France and it’s a whole different culture,” D’yan said.

“What’s your favourite position?” Kyle asked.

“Cuddling, doing everything while you’re cuddling. That’s my favourite! That really turns you on and keeps you going.”

Onya, D’yan!

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