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Woman Has To Decide Whether To Give Stranger $5k Or Keep It

Yesterday on the show we met Tayla, a young girl born with alopecia; a condition that means she doesn't have even one hair on her entire body, including her head.

Tayla was teased during her time at school, called 'E.T.' and 'lizard' by the kids and has always wanted to feel pretty. She feels a genuine, real hair wig could help her do that, but they come at a high price.

We asked Tayla to be part of our segment, 'Give or Take', where a stranger has to decide whether to give the money to a person in need or keep it for themselves.

Samara was that stranger, and after hearing Tayla's story she had 24 hours to decide what to do; give the money to Tayla, or keep it for herself.

Today, in studio, she revealed her decision to Tayla, and Australia.

If you'd like to donate to Tayla's cause, you can do so via her gofundme page...

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