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Woman Calls Show & Reveals She Is Raising Kyle’s Love Child

This morning, a call was put through to Kyle and Jackie O that neither of them saw coming. Caroline called through and revealed that she was raising the child that she and Kyle had conceived over five years ago.

She told the guys that she was upset she had tried to get through to them so many times and the biggest road block had been Kyle’s manager, Andy.

Kyle, looked like he’d seen a ghost.

Caroline then revealed that the little girl, Sophie, had started kindergarten and just wanted her dad in her life in some way.

“She’s five-and-a-half, just started kindergarten. You can even be an ‘uncle’ if you want.”

Kyle look concerned as he was visibly thinking back, trying to picture this woman and when this encounter may have occurred.

As he was considering whether to ‘dump’ the segment, to stop the bulk of it going to air, Caroline delivered the ultimate lifeline.

“Only lying!” she said. Kyle had truly never looked so relieved in his life. “I’ve got pins and needles in my arm!” he wailed.

Needless to say, we got him GOOD.

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