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We Have Found The Man Who Landed A Helicopter In McDonalds

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O were obsessed with the story of the man who landed a helicopter outside the Rouse Hill McDonalds and casually ordered himself a meal before taking off.

I mean hey, when you’re hungry you’re hungry, right?!

So we made it our mission this morning to find the pilot; but how to go about it? We decided to do a ‘cash for comment’, offering the real pilot $1,000 to come forward - of course, the phones went nuts.


Then it was up to Kyle and Jackie to ‘catch’ people out when they were lying, in order to find the true pilot.

There were some CORKERS.

Eventually Jackie realised she believed Dan, who even though he couldn’t remember what colour hat we was wearing, knew A LOT about the helicopter and what he ordered at McDonalds.

Once he had the money Dan revealed yes, he WAS the pilot responsible and decided to donate the money straight to Ronald McDonald house.

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