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Pete & Pedro Have CRINGIEST Interview With Sting & Shaggy

Kyle and Jackie were incredibly excited when they heard word that Sting and Shaggy were collaborating, and even MORE excited when it was confirmed that they'd be able to have a chat with them.

But this all came crashing down when Intern Pete and Pedro revealed to Kyle and Jackie, live on the air, that they had already done the interview in their PLACE!

It's safe to say that Kyle and Jackie were not impressed. Especially when they heard that Pete and Pedro had absolutely TANKED the interview.

And so despite the fact that the interview was kind of a bismal, Kyle and Jackie decided to play the interview out on air, not to showcase the interview skills of Pete and Pedro, but more so to teach them a lesson.

Now, the boys didn't get us any "exclusives" out of this interview with the two singers. So instead of dishing you guys the juicy gossip in Sting and Shaggy's world, we'll give you a glimpse at the most CRINGEWORTHY moments from the chat.

Intern Petes Top 2 CRINGEWORTHY Moments:

1. Pete asked Sting and Shaggy to swap personas - and they had NO idea what was happening

2. Pete told Sting that his friend, Ricky Gervais, had been arrested - even though he hadn't

Pedro's Top 2 CRINGEWORTHY Moments:

1. Pedro had his facts completely wrong about Sting's ex-band The Police

2. Pedro forgot one of Shaggy's BIGGEST songs

I think it's safe to say we'll be putting the boys through some training before letting them anywhere near any other celebrities.

Who do you think was more cringeworthy? Intern Pete or Pedo?

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