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Want To Date Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘Fatchelorette’?

This is our gorgeous Fatchelorette, Elise.

Weighing in at 110kg, 34-year-old she's a little on the bigger side - but you've never met a more bubbly, beautiful girl! She knows she's FABULOUS!

She's tried online dating in the past and has even been engaged, but it just hasn't worked out.

Now, we have six eligible bachelors who are all vying for her love and during the week she'll eliminate the guys Bachelorette-style until she's left with just one.

Elise is looking for a partner, someone to love. She's after a guy who's genuine, confident, creative, cultured - and most importantly - funny! If they can't laugh together, it won't work!

Don't miss what happens on her quest for love.


Group Date, Elise throws a POOL Party and has her eye on THIS guy...

These are the lucky guys who are vying for her heart today...


TYLER, 26 -  unfortunately Tyler was sent home.


Tyler is a university graduate who loves to travel, he’s been to over 30 countries!

Most recently he worked in Vietnam for 4 months and studied at the university of Thailand for most of the year. He’s only ever dated thin Asian girls, never dated an Australian or anyone older than him, but is keen to try! Being with a bigger girl has always been a fantasy of his.

SHAY, 38


Shay describes himself as a simple, no-fuss tradie.

He doesn’t use the internet, own a TV or live with electricity. He loves to go fishing and cook on an outdoor campfire. He has two kids; 14 and 6 and the highlight of his life was watching him be born. He’s looking for someone to laugh and have fun with.

ANTON, 31 - unfortunately Anton was sent home.


Anton is a disability carer but is taking a year off to spend time doing medieval reenactments. He has a huge passion for history. He's in town for the St. Ives Medieval Fair.

He loves animals and recently broke up with his high school sweetheart after 16 years and thinks Elise could be the one.

He also makes a mean kangaroo jerky.



Luke is an operations manager, First Aid trainer. He describes himself as 50/50 mix of jock and nerd and enjoys all the blokey things like footy, fishing but also has a quirky side.

He thinks Elise is beautiful and they'd get on very well.



Chris is an ex-concert pianist for the Parisian ballet. He lived in Paris for 12 years and has two 21-year-old twins that he had very young.

He travels to Europe regularly to perform overseas and spends most of his days surfing, building homes and running a couple of global businesses.



Brian is an Irish boy working as a top scaffolder. He's not particularly focused on his career but is focused on having a good time. His last relationship of was three years ago and it ended because he ran away and fled the country.

He thinks meeting Elise sounded fun and that he would give it a shot because it would be a good story for the grandkids.

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