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Two More Shocking Revelations From The Martin Place Siege

Just when we thought the floral bouquet that is Martin Place signified the end of one of Sydney’s worst tragedies and the resurrection of our fair city, more shocking details have emerged.

The first is that the Lindt Café may not have been the original target of gunman Man Monis. Details have emerged stating that Monis originally wanted to make the Channel 7 studios his terror site, but the premises have upped their security measures since the threat of a Martin Place beheading in September, so the Lindt Café was chosen instead.

The second shocking revelation is that Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione’s wife and daughter had been having coffee in the Lindt café just one hour before the siege took place. Joy Scipione was visibly distraught in the days following the siege, after it had been confirmed that both she and her daughter had been shown around the store by Tori Johnson, one of two hostages who were killed during the 16-hour ordeal.

Mr Scipione recalls his wife’s description of Tori Johnson following the news of his death, “Andrew, he was so open and so caring, he was very, very warm, friendly and he’s no longer with us. That still causes many a tear to flow.”


Image via @abms1970 Instagram and GETTY


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