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Trial By Kyle Puts Two Feuding Employees Under The Hammer

There’s been some tensions hanging around the KIIS offices in recent times and today Kyle decided to put it all to bed by bringing the case into his courtroom…or well, a makeshift courtroom live on air.

It was the case of Cash Cock Mitch Vs. our work day jock Gordie. The pair have been friends for a long time but a recent argument surrounding a car space and a pesky fine has left them on pretty bad terms.

And so Kyle called his Trial By Kyle courtroom into session, even going as far as to bring his legal advisor Anna Heinrich in studio to settle this fight once and for all.

Who came out on top? Watch the video above to find out Kyle’s verdict.

Want more of Judge Kyle? His TV show Trial By Kyle kicks off tonight at 8:30pm on Channel 10’s pilot week.

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