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Tim Robards Reveals A HUGE Bachelor Behind-The-Scenes Secret

For those of us who are OBSESSED with the Bachelor (guilty!), there are definitely more than a few questions we want answered.

So when Tim Robards, the first Aussie Bachelor, came on the show, Jackie took the opportunity to ask the BIG questions.

When Jackie asked if the Bachelor has an in-ear piece and the producers are feeding them lines, Tim answered, ‘There are a couple of times when you have an ear piece, and that is, at the Rose ceremonies, they’re telling you when you can say the names, they’re getting the shots of the girls and they’ve only got a couple of camera guys, so they need to get shots of 20 different girls.

So it takes a while and the girls are all a bit nervous, and you’re standing there like, ‘just tell me when I can say the name!’

She also asked if the producers even told the Bachelors when to look down or take a deep breath, and Tim said that those things tend to happen naturally.

Kyle then asked if the producers ‘make you keep the manky ones’, and Tim revealed that though the producers do early on let the Bachelor know which girls are giving them good TV, ultimately it is up to the Bachelor.

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