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Throwback Thursday: Kyle Was An Absolute DIVA On Big Brother

Watch the entire Big Brother Footage below!!

Most Kyle and Jackie O fans would remember that Kyle had a few stints on one of Australia’s former reality show’s Big Brother, and so in celebration of Throwback Thursday we decided to hunt down the footage of him from inside the house.

And boy did we stumble across some gold. During Kyle’s second time in the Big Brother house on the 2007 season we found footage of, well, Kyle being Kyle. And we of course decided to share it with all of you on air this morning.

Kyle explained that he had been extremely agitated when the footage in question was shot because he had been promised certain things by Big Brother that hadn’t been delivered. And he wasn’t afraid to voice it.

If you watched the season, you might remember that Kyle was only brought into the Big Brother house two weeks before the finale episode to stir up some trouble in the house and generate better ratings for the show.

He told us on air today that he had signed a special contract with producers that said he would only enter the house if he was allowed various provisions such as to stay in a better part of the house and get coffee anytime he wanted.

Unfortunately for Kyle, Big Brother didn’t hold up their end of the deal. But fortunately for us, Kyle absolutely lost it with Big Brother and it was ALL caught on tape. Just look at those crossed legs! He looks like one of those up-tight mums who demand to speak with the manager!

Relive Kyle’s hilarious diva behaviour (and also reminisce in how seriously young Kyle looks) in the video!

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