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The Identity Of Sydney’s Cucumber Bandit Has Been REVEALED!

This morning we made it our mission to solve Sydney’s BIGGEST mystery, WHO left the cucumber in the Hayden Orpheum following a screening of 50 Shades Darker?

Eventually we found Taryn, a high school student who owned up to the prank.

Basically, Taryn revealed that she and a bunch of friends decided they would head to Woolworths to purchase a cucumber, as they ‘don’t sell them at the Candy Bar.’

“We decided we wanted a cucumber and we walked through Woolworths and they were $2. It was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.”

Cue giggles from Kyle and Jackie O.

“We thought we could do anything we wanted with it during the movie and then leave it for them at the end of the movie.”

“I’m not even going to ask what you did with it,” Jackie said.

“Oh no, we didn’t harm the cucumber in any way.”

“No cucumber were harmed during the making of this prank,” Kyle chimed in.

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