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Nick Cummins Reveals The Strange Thing He Likes About Chicks

The Bachelor’s sixth season kicks off tonight and we bloody can’t wait for what is sure to be the funniest and most true blue Aussie season of all time!

We’ve got our Uber Eats sorted and our bodies are SO ready to watch all of the ladies as they exit the limos and of course our Bachie Nick Cummins in one of those typical, shirtless, beach scenes where he tells us how unlucky he’s been in love and what he’s looking for in a future partner.

But before making his reality TV debut, Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning for a quick chat, during which he gave us a little inside information ahead of the first episode.

Nick gave us a little hint at what he looks for in a woman and how he judges whether she’d be right for him or not. And we have to say it’s a little strange!

“Do you like girl’s feet? Because I look at feet,” admitted Kyle.

To which The Badge replied, “Yeah feet, I’m more, ankles are important.” Um…What?

“It’s pretty important,” he continued. “I think being an athlete myself I like to know that if sh*t goes down she can high knees and hit the stride and get the hell out of there.” Fair point we guess!

Well you heard the man producers, find him some hot ankles and everything will be sweet! And please chuck in some low shots of all of the women as they walk the red carpet tonight so that we can accurately judge whether they’ll make it past the top 10 or not…

But according to Nick it won’t be difficult to pick who his favourites are. He told us that one woman stands out to him from the get go (must have some fab ankles going on) and she even ends up being rewarded with something pretty darn special!

“Straight away was there one that stood out more than the others,” asked Kyle.

“There was and that’s the one who may have got the key,” answered the Honey Badger.

The key is a new feature added into this season of The Bachelor, which allows the chosen woman to visit Nick’s Bachelor pad any time she pleases.

Hmm well we wonder what happens when this front runner visits the bachie pad? We’re guessing some serious ankle action that’s for sure…

Listen to Kyle and Jackie O’s full chat with Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins below!

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