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The ‘Candyman’ Reveals What The Media Get Wrong About Him

If you’re, well… anyone really, you probably would have heard of the Candyman.

Travers Beynon is his real name, and he’s basically living the dream of every red-blooded male in the world.

Starting as model, he invested his money wisely, quickly turning it into millions.

Since then he has dedicated his life to living beautifully. Beautiful women, art, cars, he actually has it all. He also has a wife - and more than five girlfriends.

So this morning when he appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show, he divulged the thing the media gets wrong about him and his lifestyle the most.

‘They say that I degrade women, but when you have so many women like I do, you can’t afford to degrade women. It’s not going to work.'

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‘Exactly, why would they be there if you did? They’re not being made to be there,' Kyle said.

‘The only thing I could ever be accused of is being obsessed by women.’

The other thing we never knew is that the Candyman actually has custody of his two eldest children.

Why I hustle. #Family #MuscleAndHustle #DaddysGirls #TraversBeynon

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‘I have four children, two from a previous marriage that I have sole custody of, which no-one really brings up, but as you can imagine for a father to have sole custody, I must have been alright in the judges eyes. Two years I spent in the courts.”

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