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Take Part In Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘Trash To Cash’

Are you looking for quick buck? Well Kyle and Jackie O have a solution just for you!!

If you have something around your home that you think is worth “Hocking” (selling in return for cash), maybe it’s a tea set that your grandma gave you years ago, a Chanel Jacket you found in an Op Shop or even vintage TV… Kyle and Jackie O are your “Pawn Dealers” for the next few weeks!


To celebrate the release of our very own Kyle Sandiland’s new show ‘Meet the Hockers’ on Nine Go, we will be playing this game over the next few weeks!

Meet the Hockers on Nine Go, is all about a pawn broker where people come in to hock all kinds of random stuff, and some of it’s worth big bucks.

There are heaps of big characters too – like this weirdo with a cockatoo, and a girl with a thirty-grand camera! She didn’t even know it was worth so much. That’s what the show’s all about, BIG surprises, BIG bucks, BIG characters!

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Check out Kyle’s new show ‘Meet the Hockers’, Starts next Tuesday 8.30 on Nine Go


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