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Sydney, There’s A LEGIT Way To Be Showered In CASH!!

Sydney, have you ever had a dream that an insane amount of money would fall from the sky and into your hot little hands?

It’s the ultimate fantasy.

You’d run around, collecting the big bills and dreaming about what you’d spend them on; maybe a house deposit? A new car? A trip around the world?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was a real thing?!

Well, it totally is.


Kyle and Jackie O have dreamed about dropping a HEAP of money from the sky for YEARS now, but no-one has ever come on board to help make it happen, until now.

Stan Australia and the hit TV show BILLIONS have agreed to run arguably the biggest and most exciting money giveaway Sydney has ever seen - and they'll MAKE IT RAIN.

Basically, you register and if successful, you get into the ‘drop zone’ - then anything you grab, you get to KEEP.


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