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Sydney Bride Wore HIDEOUS Dress To Her Wedding Day for $20k

We all remember Krystal.

She was due to be married in four weeks when she first came in studio to meet Kyle and Jackie O for a segment called ‘Don’t Mock The Frock’.

She quickly found out that each day she came in she would be presented with a deal. $5k to wear the dress on day one.

She passed it - it was gross.

However, she quickly learned that each day she came back, the more money she was offered - but the worse the dresses got.

Eventually on the last day, she was presented with the last dress, and $20k to wear it.

She took it.

The wedding JUST happened! She got married at Riverside Oaks, it was an intimate wedding with 80 guests, consisting of family and close friends.


She told us her dad was emotional and proud of his daughter and happy she was confident in her decision.


The best part is, her guests all said she still looked amazing and laughed after the ceremony was over.


Everyone made her feel comfortable and loved regardless of the dress.


Some of the reactions on social media have been; ‘the dress wasn't as bad as we thought’, ‘can't believe she wore it!’ ‘I hope her daughter doesn't want to wear her mother’s wedding dress one day!’

Looks as though Krystal’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Congratulations on your big day!

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