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Stephen Belafonte’s Ex Opens Up About Abusive Relationship

This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Nicole Contrares, Stephen Belafonte’s partner between 2000-2005.

The pair share a 12-year-old daughter together, who Nicole says Stephen rarely sees.

Right off the bat, Jackie asked Nicole whether her relationship with Stephen was abusive, as Mel B’s seems to be with him.

“110%,” she said.

‘Definitely a lot of what she wrote rang very true for me. The jealousy factor, control issues, needing to know where you are, who you’re with, checking the phone.’

‘But how did you two meet? Did he sweep you off your feet in the beginning?’ Kyle asked.

‘We met at Sunset on the Standard … I don’t think it’s there anymore. ‘He definitely swept me off my feet in the beginning. He found a way into all the a-list parties in the beginning, which is important when you’re in your 20s, especially in Hollywood,’ she explained.

‘Was his father a big deal, is that how he got in?’ the guys asked. ‘No, his father was not a big deal!’ Nicole explained.

‘Stephen’s real last name is ‘Stansbery’, he LOOKS like Harry Belafonte, so he changed his last name, but his real last name is ‘Stansbury’.

Nicole then revealed how things turned nasty and the signs she should have taken notice of in the beginning.

‘[The night they met] he gave me his phone number and I threw it away. I must have given him mine though, because he was texting all night long.’

Shortly after, the couple have birth to a little girl, but Nicole revealed Stephen and she have never been close.

‘[Over the next few years] he would see our daughter 3-4 times a year. He would make her feel guilty for not seeing him, and say ‘you don’t call me.’

‘She’s a child, it’s up to the parent to take the responsibility!’

‘Last year she didn’t even get a Christmas gift, he said ‘my love is my gift.

Back in bondi!! #mysecondhome #sydney

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A child doesn’t care about that!’

Jackie then probed into the violence Nicole endured in their relationship.

‘He definitely has a very violent past, at least with me.’ ‘We’d go out, see a guy I knew, he’d fight him, sometimes get physical with me, grab me.’

‘I became ultra paranoid.’

‘Here I was in my 20s, modelling and I was in this controlling relationship.’

The guys then asked if Stephen had contacted her lately.

‘No, not for a long time. I’ve been asked to tell my story by a lot of people, but this time I was like ‘screw it!’

‘I’m not scared of him anymore.’

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