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Sophie Monk Reveals Who She’ll Pick When She’s Bachelorette

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke exclusively to Sophie Monk the night after the Logies.

It was revealed just before Sophie hit the red carpet that she would in fact be Australia’s next Bachelorette.

Then this morning she elaborated about what she was looking for in a man.

‘I’m looking for someone who doesn’t want fame,’ she said. ‘It’s a chance for me to meet someone lovely and normal.’

‘[With the show] I’ve got someone literally looking all over the country for a guy for me.

When asked if she need the show for that, she said, ‘If i’m sitting in a bar the only ones who come up to me are the ones with too much confidence, and the one I want is the sweet one in the corner who doesn’t come up to me.’

‘Now that i’ve got my family around me, around so much love, I’m ready to meet someone normal.’

That seems good enough for us! Then, the most interesting piece of news, that could make everything she wants most blow up in her face.

‘They [the contestants] apply [to the show] knowing it’s me.’

‘What if you get guys who are in it for the wrong reasons?’ Jackie asked.

‘I feel like I can see through that now. I do want them to know what they’re getting though [rather than it be a surprise.]

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