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Sarah Harris’ Embarrassing Parenting Fail

Studio Ten host Sarah Harris may be sleek and organised while she’s on TV but when it comes to parenting she says that she’s a self proclaimed ‘Slummy Mummy’ in that she’s quite relaxed when it comes to her children.

A prime example of this happened just over the weekend when the mum-of-two had what she would describe as an absolute parenting fail!

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Sarah revealed that her husband’s simple trip to Sunday mass had resulted in a call to emergency services after her son became trapped in one of the confessional booths!

“My husband takes our boys to mass every Sunday, I go once every three weeks, I’m a bit of a heathen I stay home and do the washing,” explained Sarah.

“But anyway, I think my son Paul takes after me, he’s a bit of a rat bag and he was running around mass and then all of a sudden no one could find him.”

The TV host said that all of the kids would usually run around the pews in church while the service was happening but the panic started when no one could find the 2-and-a-half-year-old.

Suddenly they began to hear a banging noise coming from an adjacent room that happened to be the confessional booth. And as it happened, little Paul had managed to lock himself inside it!

“There was this kind of Mrs Robinson style banging coming from inside this tiny room which was the confessional box and he’d locked himself inside the confessional box,” she continued.

“He was stuck in there for a good ten minutes…he was just losing his mind because it was this teeny tiny dark room, no windows.”

Sarah told us that the key for the confessional room had been lost for a long time and so their only option was to call 000 and get some help from the fire brigade and police.

“We had to call the firies and also the police to come and break the door down to get him out,” she continued. “They used an axe to break it down.”

While Sarah found the moment incredibly mortifying, she said that at least the fire fighters had a good sense of humour about the whole thing.

“When the firies came and they knocked the door down they were making all of these completely inappropriate but hilarious jokes like, ‘Well this is probably the first time anyone’s ever come out of a closet in this place, amiright guys?’.”

“So that was my parenting fail,” concluded she concluded. Don’t worry Sarah we’ve all had at least one of those moments…

While little Paul was a bit traumatised at the time, he’s thankfully doing fine now, but we reckon he won’t be leaving his dad’s side during Sunday mass anytime soon!


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